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Name: Roxy

Species: Leopard

Roxy is a female leopard, a wonderful mother and a great survivor.

Roxy came to Chipangali around 7 years ago, she was caught in a trap after she has been killing ducks and geese on a farm in the Nymandlovu area, approx 50 km from bulawayo....

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Name: Ouzo

Species: Chacma Baboon
Victoria Falls Croc Farm staff found Ouzo's mother caught in snare, so badly injured she had to be shot. Ouzo was hanging onto her. She was only seven days old when she arrived at the orphanage, tiny and nervous, clutching onto her soft blanket a...

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Name: Mojo

Species: Vervet Monkey
Mojo is a young male and as he was severely traumatised when very little, he is quite a timid monkey....

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Name: Maurice

Species: Vervet Monkey

Maurice was a victim of a recent incident between the local farmer and the troop of vervet monkeys


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Name: Lomu

Species: Wild Dog

Lomu and his brother chewy were rescued by some local safari hunters when they preformed a cessarian section on a dead female hyena


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Name: Raza

Species: Leopard
Raza's mother was caught by the National Parks in Matopos for translocation to Nigeria. It would take three months for all the legal documentation to be sorted out before her being translocated and this is where Chipangali came in, they held her ...

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Name: Rosslyn

Species: Leopard

Rosslynn is an animal whcih shows how even under extreme pressure is able to adapt and survive for life in the wild


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Name: Lundi

Species: Leopard

Lundi is a male leopard with a lovely temprement, always been full of action and fun


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Our Animal Adoption Program has been operating at Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage since 1976.

Its aim is to help towards covering the cost of food and the upkeep and maintenance of the animals. There are over 200 mouths to feed, big and small, every day. It is ever more important with Zimbabwe's economy, with inflation at close to 5000%(!) and the cost of food soaring on a daily basis. Food costs are a huge percentage of the running of the Orphanage and therefore the adoption scheme is an important source of income.

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